Helpful Social Media Tools

If you haven’t heard the recent news surrounding the Susan G. Komen controversy, let me fill you in. In early February the Komen foundation decided that they were pulling funds from Planned Parenthood, an organization that also promotes breast health services. According to the Fox News article from the Associated Press Associated Press the funds totaled to a loss of $680,000 in 2011.

As an assignment for our multimedia class we were asked to research the reaction to the controversy over social media outlets provided from Twitter. I first decided to check out the “real-time” stream of tweets from . This website, as stated on their About Twendz page, this website specializes in getting “a glimpse into what’s on people’s minds and emotional reactions.” This site was very informational and it would be easy to incorporate this tool in managing a brand. One can instantly see how people are reacting to a specific brand, positively or negatively, and hopefully from there a company can act accordingly based on users attitudes. In this case most of the tweets seen were either negative to the Susan G. Komen foundation or informational from news sites.

The second social media outlet researched was Twitterfall. Twitterfall specializes in taking popular Twittering trends and streaming them live. You may think that Twitterfall and Twendz are the same thing, but Twitterfall lets a user define its searches by geographical regions and other more defined applications. This site was interesting in seeing what others were saying around Minnesota. This social media tool can be helpful in targeting areas to preserve a brands image.

Lastly I decided to research happenings about this controversy on Tweetscan. Tweetscan is a more defined search engine on all hashtags for Twitter users. After a week #plannedparenthood was still a trending topic.

Although most of these Twitter applications are not as well-known as Twitter, they make it easy for one to research trending topics.


Things I Love

If I were a billionaire, which one day I will be…by marriage of course, I would share the things I love with everyone. I have always aspired to be the new-age Oprah. Too bad real life wasn’t filled with the multiple opportunities of free giving. Could you imagine? “Everybody gets a year supply of Oooooxxxyyyy Cccllleeeaaannn!!” People everywhere would be going crazy.
But lets get down to the nitty gritty because I know you are all wondering what I would give if I were a billionaire.

First I would give Twins tickets to everyone I loved. I mean, who doesn’t like the Twins? You couldn’t ask for anything better. I would like to consider the Twins as the breeding ground for amazing players; we make your team look better in the future. Don’t know anything about the Twins, be sure to check out this blog

The second gift I would extend to all my lovers would be a year subscription to Women’s Health Magazine. Yes, the title says women’s health, but the magazine can offer resources for both genders. Health is important to me and promoting healthy living to all is beneficial to everyone. Be sure to check out Women’s Health Magazine blog.

If anyone truly knows me they know that I am addicted to cereal. So my third gift would be a year supply of General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios. There is not a cereal out there that can stand up to the one and only, Honey Nut Cheerios. I have stayed faithful to this cereal since I can remember. You can’t go wrong with a cereal that is heart healthy, and has the perfect taste. The hint of honey can be mixed with anything; other cereals, oatmeal and you can even use it as a dessert because it has the perfect sweetness. Honey Nut Cheerios ladies and gentlemen will always surpass any other cereal in the cereal aisle.

Well, I would share with you all of the gifts I would give away but what would be the fun in that? So I will leave you at that for now.

But for now my lovers,

Stay Classy.


Learning Curve

As social media use increases with Twitter, Apps, Facebook etc… what does that mean for print media?
Page One was a great depiction of the inside the New York Times newsroom and the print vs. online media crisis in America. As quoted in the movie they explain that “print media is in a time of great turmoil.” As the New York Times has made changes to their agenda to produce online media so have other printing companies throughout the nation. The movie gave insight as to how the media room has changed from a one—way type of communication with the audience to an interacting media, not only with the audience but within the newsroom. That became apparent in the film when they were describing how Wikileaks landed at the New York Times. Brian Stelter, New York Times reporter, was revolutionary in advancing online news. Before working at the Times, Stelter, as a student, was writing stories on a website about the news. The Times saw him as an asset to the company as it was seeing the metamorphosis of journalism was in the beginning stages and hired him. He knew the importance of the video and that it was news breaking before the rest of the reports could put a grip on the meaning of the videos.
Most printing companies see this as a problem when really they could be just the beginning of a learning curve. The internet has been around for years and still it seems that print media has precedence over online media, so you have to ask the question as to why print didn’t see the door earlier? Online media has more outlets to get the information out and isn’t it our job as journalists to get news to people efficiently and effectively? Why is this a problem? People aren’t eliminating media, they are simply just customizing how they receive their media.