The ‘How To” on Audacity

If you are in dire need of finding an application to learn how to edit audio from Audacity, I would recommend Mindy McAdams Audacity Basics. I am very much a visual learner and by watching her tutorial as to how to use Audacity was helpful and made learning what may seem like a complex system, simple.

McAdams takes you step by step from deleting content to saving your file to be MP3 compatible. If you are just as nervous as I was to dive into another Apple program, don’t fret. As you learn and watch about the basics of Audacity one may find that most of the functions are the same as what you might use in a Windows application; copy and paste to everyone’s favorite, the undo button.

She emphasized, like any project, you want to save repeatedly. Once you have made a little change, those changes add up and if you lose your project you may loose hundreds of changes. That was probably one of her most important tip of advice given throughout the tutorial.

I have always found that I am better at talking than writing, so this was more fun for me than a lot of writing that I do for my classes. Maybe someday I’ll start a blog of my own that includes podcast’s, but that would require me finding time. One can dream. As for now I’ll just play around on the program to hone more skills and tricks.

Be sure to check it out.

By: Jessy Stanton


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