“Lets Get Back to Work” Program Gives Back

Southern Minnesota Airports and Unemployed Get Help From Federal Government.

In an effort to help the unemployed, Congress approved $564 million in the building and repairs funds of southern Minnesota airports. The spending is part of the government’s “Lets Get Back to Work” program created to employ the laid off in the construction and engineering industry.

“This is a small price to pay to help folks out who want to work.” said President Obama.

Critics have voiced that this is just more federal spending and could ultimately cost the government $1 trillion.

·     Blue Earth Municipal Airport: Blue Earth, Minn.  $2.3 million for runway repairs.

·     New Ulm Municipal Airport: New Ulm, Minn.  $3.8 million for a runway extension.

·     Le Sueur Municipal Airport: Le Sueur, Minn. $96,000 for purchasing land.

·     Waseca Municipal Airport: Waseca, Minn. $62,000 for an implementation of a taxiway.

Other southern Minnesota cities granted federal money include Rushford, Jackson, Faribault and Owatonna.


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